History of Cheeseburgers


“Man who invented the hamburger was smart; man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius.” -Matthew McConaughey

By definition, a cheeseburger is a hamburger topped with cheese, but in practice, a cheeseburger is a foodie’s paradise. Conventional cheeseburgers have a slice of processed cheese over the meat patty, but growing consumer demands have paved the way for many variants and flavors through which to relish a burger with lots of cheese.

Several toppings and condiments like tomato, onion, mustard, pickles, mayonnaise and ketchup are added to enhance the taste of the burger. In addition, the delicious variety of cheese like cheddar, mozzarella, pepper jack and blue cheese, which have lower melting points, are also used to boost your cravings for the dish. In fact, frequent experiments and extensive use of wholesome ingredients make cheeseburgers the best burgers in the world.

Food is fundamental to life. It is a universal medium through which to propagate energy, which is essential for life. Climate, location and traditions affect food habits and cooking techniques. Due to this reason, people all over the world have developed different methods of preparing the same food.
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For instance, to prepare a sandwich with a meat patty and wholesome ingredients is to make a burger. A hamburger is made up of a meat patty and several taste-enhancing condiments stuffed into freshly prepared buns. A variation on this sandwich with a lot of cheese in it is called a cheeseburger. Interestingly, the cheeseburger is believed to have originated in the U.S., but it is a dish relished by people all over the world. It is easy to prepare and, owing to its taste and goodness, the cheeseburger is crowned as the king of burgers.

There is a famous story behind the invention of cheeseburgers. As you may know, in the late nineteenth century, enjoying beef almost daily was quite feasible for people in the U.S., owing to vast grasslands and the growth of cattle ranching. Naturally, having a hamburger was the easiest option for even the poorest Americans to eat beef.

Adding cheese to hamburgers was initiated with a mistake. There was a sandwich shop in California called The Rite Spot. Lionel Steinberger, a sixteen-year-old boy who worked as a fry cook and whose father was the proprietor of the shop, accidently dropped a slab of American cheese on a hamburger. This mistake grew into the popular sandwiches now known as cheeseburgers, making them the best burgers on earth. Cheeseburgers started hitting the menus in the year 1928. O’Dell’s, a Los Angeles restaurant, provides another early example of the cheeseburger, this one smothered in chili.

Cheeseburgers attract huge attention about tracing their roots in American restaurants. There are several other places that claim the cheeseburger to be their innovation to satiate hunger. However, the patent for the cheeseburger now rests with Louis Ballast of the Humpty Dumpty Drive-in in Denver, Colorado. It is important to note that the awesome variety of steamed cheeseburgers is exclusively served in central Connecticut.

It is clear that the history of cheeseburgers and their evolution to become the best burgers is as interesting as it is to relish eating one.

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