5 Reasons Why College Students Love Burgers

What are the possible restraints that you can think of in a student’s life? Time and budget are the top ones. There are even popular jokes about how a starving college student lives off ramen noodles. Another popular food choice among students is hamburgers. Apart from hamburgers being absolutely delicious, students have other reasons for choosing them as well.

One of the top priorities of a student is to save time and have food that is budget-friendly. So, if you are still trying to figure out ways to cut down on food expenses as a student, here are some reasons to choose hamburgers:

Budget-Friendly Food Option

Eating hamburgers in top-notch restaurants will definitely cost you a lot. But why should you worry about price when you have widely available fast food joints selling hamburgers that cost less than $5 (sometimes even $1)? Just imagine, you get your favorite food at such a low cost, plus it’s really filling! When you are on a stringent student budget, this delicious food option can be a blessing.

The Ease of Eating

Amidst the constant studying for exams, students—especially those living off-campus—tend to skip meals. Hamburgers are an all-rounder when it comes to solving this problem. Burgers are quick, easy, and don’t need any plates or forks. You can literally eat the burger with one hand. This way you don’t need to waste your study time, yet you can still keep your tummy full.


Being stuck with take-out, packaged, and frozen food is a typical student life scenario. However, many are concerned about health when budget is a constraint. Hamburgers are not just cheap eating options, but they are also surprisingly nutritious. Beef contains lots of protein, and hamburgers are often loaded with veggie toppings that provide fiber, antioxidants and Vitamin A and C. In addition, cheese is a good source of calcium. With all this taken into consideration, burgers can be a suitable part of a student’s diet, provided you eat them in moderation.

Finger-Licking Good!

Hamburgers are easy to make and eat in a minimal amount of time, and they cost very little. However, you cannot deny that above all other reasons for hamburgers being a student’s favorite is how awesome they taste. When you are overwhelmed by your courseload, the first comfort food that comes to mind is definitely a hamburger.

Made to Order

Apart from taste, the second-best aspect of a burger is that they are highly customizable, even at cheap fast food places. This makes them the best food choice for a student looking for a good meal with some variety.

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