13 Toppings to Help You Prepare the Best Burgers

best burgers in kansas city

Let’s keep the simple things simple. When we are talking about burgers, there is hardly any need for complexities. Season the meat with salt, form loose patties, grill or fry it, and your burger is ready to serve.

Creativity enters with the final step: assembly. This is where a variety of toppings, both traditional and innovative, tantalize the taste buds. Committed cooks might build a theme, such as a southwestern burger with avocado, chipotle mayo, black bean spread and jack cheese. Others may try to balance the salty taste with sweet condiments.

Give creativity more room by picking a few toppings from the list below. These suggestions have been compiled from gourmet secrets offered to customers visiting food joints in Kansas City. Get ready to receive compliments from friends and family!

    1. Chipotle Ketchup:

      You may have had chipotle many times before, but the bold flavor never grows old. When you pair it with ketchup, the combination is delicious. A true master of flavor might mix some chopped chipotle with adobo sauce.

    2. Grilled Pineapple:

      For those who have planned a house party at the last minute, this recipe might come in handy and save the day. It is as simple as adding slightly charred pineapple rings on top of the grilled burger.

    3. Sriracha-Soy Mayo:

      The secret to tasty burgers prepared by short-order cooks is the generous usage of mayo. Add 3 teaspoons of Sriracha and 3 tablespoons of soy sauce to a cup of mayo and mix them all together. The spiciness can be controlled by altering the amount of mayo and Sriracha.

    4. Caramelized Onions:

      Rich, soft, sweet caramelized onions are perfect burger toppings. Slowly sauté onion rings in butter and add salt when they turn brown. You can prepare them in bulk and use them anytime.

    5. Black Bean Spread and Avocado:

      Preparing black bean spread is so simple that it is hardly believable. Just mix black beans with some lime juice, oil and chili powder in a food processor. The bean spread should be added on the bun along with avocado slices, beautifully complementing them.

    6. Tzatziki:

      This Greek cucumber and yogurt sauce is not as mild as it looks, because you can add piquancy to it with tons of minced garlic, onions, tomatoes, feta and mint leaves.

    7. Blue Cheese Spread:

      This divine spread is made out of crumbled blue cheese, cream and cream cheese. If you have any leftover spread, use it on veggies or chips.

    8. Garlic Confit:

      This recipe is similar to caramelized onions, except the onion is replaced with cloves of garlic. It’s amazing how slowly cooking garlic cloves in butter at a temperature of about 3000F melts all their sharpness and turns them sweet as caramel. You can season the smashed caramelized garlic cloves with salt and thyme.

    9. Herb Butter:

      Mayo and butter add lusciousness to the burger. Mixing herbs into the butter is a secret from the kitchens of fancy French chefs. There are multiple flavor combinations of herbs like lemon zest, chive and green peppercorns; basil, mint and lime zest; and parsley, tarragon and marjoram.

    10. Potato Chips:

      This is an ideal topping option for eleventh-hour preparations. Use your favorite brand of potato chips available in Kansas City. Crumbling them to pieces and mixing them with cheese not only adds to the flavor but also helps everything stay together.

    11. Roasted Peppers:

      Want to add sweetness to your burger? Consider adding slowly roasted peppers. The recipe is simple: choose from a variety of bell-shaped peppers, cut them into strips, sauté them in a pan filled with olive oil, and roast them at a slow heat (about 3000 F) for a couple of hours until they melt down. To heighten the flavor, you can also add a few hot peppers. For a savory result, combine them with garlic confit or blue cheese spread.

    12. Homemade Shack Sauce:

      You can recreate the succulent magic of Shack Sauce in your home kitchen. It is just the right proportions of mustard, mayo and ketchup. You could complement the sauce with freshly chopped garlic cloves.

    13. Homemade Pickles:

      Tangy and crunchy homemade pickles are a necessity for burgers. Since they’re homemade, they are an added star to your culinary efforts. Choose to make tasty slices of bread-and-butter pickles or traditional dill pickles. Jalapeno slices and shallot rings can replace the common taste of cucumbers, if you prefer.

Now that we have shared with you the secrets of the best burgers in Kansas City, we hope the next time you host a house party, the guests make generous comments about your culinary efforts. The feast-ive season is here. Make the most of it! Eat, feast and serve your dear ones easy-to-make, delicious burgers without stressing about time.

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